How Joel can help

Joel has the ability to offer innovative solutions and measurable value to solve complex problems.

His neuro-diverse thinking, combined with his expertise in the fintech sector and his experience as an inclusion consultant, allows him to bring new perspectives and cutting-edge approaches to add value to you and your organisation.

All his services are highly interactive and tailored specifically to your bespoke needs.

Keynote Speaking, Interactive Workshops and Advisory Support

Are you searching for a standout speaker or facilitator to elevate your event or motivate your teams?

Joel's expertise aligns perfectly with the finance sector, covering Inclusive Leadership, Entrepreneurship, EDI, and Finance.

What sets Joel apart is his ability combine a true sense of your commercial needs with an authentic and powerful social insight tailored to your needs.

Some of his impactful keynote talks include "The 3D Future of Inclusive Capital" and "12 Principles of Growth Mindsets." and offer a range of flexible presentation formats:

30-Minute to 1-Hour Motivational Talks: Perfect for sparking motivation and enthusiasm during your event or conference.

Half-Day Interactive Workshops: Dive deep into the subject matter with hands-on activities, discussions, and practical exercises, offering immediate benefits to your team.

Bespoke Multi-Day Programs: For a comprehensive and custom-tailored experience, Joel can design a program specific to your objectives.

Executive Support: Inclusive Leadership Roundtables

Are you dedicated to fostering inclusive leadership within your organization?

Our Private and Exclusive Leader Roundtables are meticulously designed to empower your Executive and Senior Leaders.

By participating, they'll gain a unique opportunity to collectively tackle challenges and share best practices across internal teams or with industry peers.

All our sessions are conducted under the esteemed Chatham House rules, and are delivered in a range of formats, so you can attend the for best suited for you:

Breakfast Roundtables: Interactive morning sessions that educate and provide a platform for candid discussions.

Virtual Sessions: The virtual format allows participation from anywhere, ensuring convenience and accessibility for your team and peers, no matter where they are located.

Half-Day Summits: Delve deep into the most pertinent topics with half-day events that grant ample time for substantial discussions and actionable planning.

Exclusive Full-Day Events: For those seeking an all-encompassing experience, our full-day events offer a holistic exploration of vital subjects, fostering extensive learning and networking opportunities.

A.I.R Consult: Increasing The Diversity of Your Client Base

Are you seeking to increase the diversity of your customer or client base in a measurable way?

Our A.I.R service is designed to breathe fresh air into your business, helping you to increase client diversity with less risk and less cost.

We fuse the power of AI-powered technology, with evidence-based data reporting and bespoke consultancy to help you integrate inclusion into your client growth strategies.

Our experts will collaborate with you to develop inclusive strategies, tailored offerings, and targeted marketing initiatives that resonate with diverse audiences.

By embracing diversity, your business can unlock new opportunities, build stronger connections, and create a more inclusive approach for you.

Together, we will help you to mitigate risks and costs, as you streamline the path to enhance financial inclusion and support for diverse clients, for now and the future.

Reach out to Joel now, to discuss your needs further!

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Trusted by leading organisations

"...provides inclusive solutions that helps financial service sector firms identify the type of clients most likely to deliver long-term growth and manage risk with more confidence!"

Marcus Scott

Former COO
The CityUK

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Richard Myers
"...helps to ensure we effectively track the progress of SMEs, enabling us to better serve them!"

Richard Myers

Commercial Director
Transmit Group

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"...unique and inclusive use of data intelligence technology, to help financial firms respond to business finance needs at scale!"

Ewa Bloch

Regional Manager
Innovate UK