How Joel can help

Joel has the ability to offer innovative solutions and measurable value to solve complex problems.

His neuro-diverse thinking, combined with his expertise in the fintech sector and his experience as an inclusion consultant, allows him to bring new perspectives and cutting-edge approaches to add value to you and your organisation.

All his services are highly interactive and tailored specifically to your bespoke needs.

Keynote Speaking and Interactive Workshops

Need an authentic speaker or interactive workshops for your team/s or event?

With a reputation as a leading keynote speaker and workshop facilitator at prestigious national and international events, Joel shares his insights and experiences on a variety of topics related to Inclusive Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Finance, tailored to your audience!

Keynotes and Workshops include:
- The 3D Effect of Inclusive Capital!
- 12 Ways To Develop Inclusive Leaders!
- ESG: From Talk To Better Bottom-Line!
- How To Create Impactful Inclusive Support!

Inclusive Growth Mindset: Leadership Development

Do you want to develop entrepreneurial leaders across your organisation?

Founded in over 20 years of practical experience of developing inclusive and innovative growth mindsets, this package is designed to help your team/s unlock their entrepreneurial skills and creativity, to meet  diversity and inclusion challenges you face within your organisation!

Support can delivered as a:
- half-day masterclass
- one day training session
- two-day intensive learning
- 121 coaching

Inclusive Practice:
Driving the 'S' of ESG

Seeking personalised support to make your ESG strategy and activities more inclusive?

As a multi-award-winning Diversity and Inclusion consultant, with cross-sector experience, Joel can support your Executive Board and Senior Management to develop practical and measurable ESG solutions, relating to your people, stakeholders and wider society!

Through GFA Exchange, you can also access the latest in client risk management technology, to help you reduce the risk and cost of improving financial inclusion, for SME clients and supply chains.

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Trusted by leading organisations

"...provides inclusive solutions that helps financial service sector firms identify the type of clients most likely to deliver long-term growth and manage risk with more confidence!"

Marcus Scott

Former COO
The CityUK

Marcus Scott Photo
Richard Myers
"...helps to ensure we effectively track the progress of SMEs, enabling us to better serve them!"

Richard Myers

Commercial Director
Transmit Group

Ewa Bloch Photo
"...unique and inclusive use of data intelligence technology, to help financial firms respond to business finance needs at scale!"

Ewa Bloch

Regional Manager
Innovate UK